Help us realize OUR dream.

What is that dream? In short, to offer the best and most complete archive encompassing the artscene that is possible.

To do that takes work. It requires everyone to dig out their old hard drive when they used to run a BBS and see what's

missing from our site.

Some history about the 'scene and the internet ..

Several years ago the ACiD Artpacks Archive established itself as the place for artpacks on the 'net. At certain times it
was the only place, but most importantly it's still here. Solid as a rock.

But what about before there was a /pub/artpacks directory created at Walnut Creek CD-ROM's FTP.CDROM.COM? What about before the
web-enabled ACiD Artpacks Archive ARTPACKS.ACID.ORG?

The first internet site that I can recall that served a purpose for the art scene was Brian Morin (SIDS)'s DEADBABY
FTP site. I think we can all agree this was the first site created for the sole purpose of the art scene itself. (If not, email me
and we'll discuss it :-) And of course there has been the telnet'able version of Halaster's very own The Regency BBS.
Did you know that a chunk of our archive originates from The Regenecy BBS as well as several other prominent boards
from the days of BBSing? Another site is Fatal Sacrilege's Disembodied Voices which started as a huge dial-up BBS in
New York and later made the first attempt of making a website simulate the look and feel of a real BBS. DV also hosted an

FTP site as well, and was the first site on the internet to have groups claim affiliations with it.

Well that's it really. Three sites that I think are worth mentioning. I've neglected (for now) to tell the story of /pub/demos/ansi on
Hornet's territory, as well as the ansi directory on for the fact that neither of these sites were created by what I would call
members of the artscene, nor were they (to an extent) for the artscene. Also I've intentionally left out the numerous fly-by-night
BBSes that were telnet accessible for five hours or you had to join an IRC channel to get the latest dynamic IP address. :) If by
chance you think I've blindly left something out that helped our presence on the net, by all means please let me know.

Now, back to reality ..

Our mission and goal is to present the world with the most complete artpack collection the scene has to offer. To achieve

this task, everyone must come together and take a look at what they have vs. our all files list. We estimate there
are ~ 150 artpacks and emags which we are missing throughout 1993-1997.

Quite often, we receive requests for certain files that we don't have online. If you notice you have some of these golden

oldies lying on your hard drive, please email us to arrange to upload them to our site!

This is a working list in progress. If you'd like to request something, email us.


Description (Group) Packs Year Directory Requested by Uploaded by
Apathy 13 Artpacks !FILE IS NONEXISTANT!
Force 13 96 Artpacks
Jihad 4 95 Artpacks hFaze
KTS (Katharthsis) ASCII 94 Artpacks Necromancer
Suicide ANY 94 Artpacks Nuclear Dreamer
VOR 0994, 1094 94 Artpacks Silver Rat

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